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Kent Audiology Services

Do voices sound muffled?

Do you struggle to hear clearly when there is background noise?

Are your ears blocked with wax?


Kent Hearing Services

Kent Hearing is here to help improve your hearing and communication in all your listening environments, providing you with expert advice, personalised care and the most suitable hearing technologies for your individual communication needs.

Earwax Removal 

Diagnostic Services

Hearing Aids

Children’s Hearing

Custom Devices


About Kent Hearing

Dr Priya Carling (AuD, RHAD) and her team can help improve your hearing and communication at work, at home, at school and with family and friends.

We offer an expert and highly respected local clinical service for all your hearing needs, based at Churchill Square, Kings Hill, Kent.

Our services include earwax removal, hearing testing, hearing aids, custom swim and noise plugs, tinnitus management and paediatric services. We also provide extensive audiology consultancy and bespoke training, education and research services.

To contact us please call: 01732 525912  or email info@kenthearing.com

Audiology Services and COVID 19

Kent Hearing strictly follow the guidance issued by our governing bodies the BSA and BSHAA in relation Covid 19 and the welfare of our patients and our staff.

All patients will be triaged on the telephone prior to their appointment and will be asked to sanitise their hands and wear a facemask on entering the building. Dr Carling and her team wear PPE for every appointment and all work areas are disinfected with the highest quality cleaning products between each appointment.  We ask all patients to follow government social distancing guidelines both in the car park and in our building.

Why choose Dr Priya Carling,
AuD, RHAD. Director and Consultant Audiologist

“My personal philosophy is to give you the best hearing healthcare experience possible. In this fast- paced technological era I take the time to do things thoroughly and properly, using British Society of Audiology protocols and evidence-based practise.

Although the beeps and whistles widely used in hearing testing is an evaluation method, your hearing is actually far more complex. I use specialised tests and assessments to get a complete and detailed picture of your hearing profile, for example testing your responses to speech in background noise. I will then develop a personal treatment plan tailored to your individual hearing and communication needs. This will take into account your hearing level, lifestyle and personal preferences, including providing a range of cosmetically appealing hearing aids as required. I may also recommend targeted auditory training to help to improve listening skills, cognition & working memory”.

“Improving your hearing is often a journey requiring guidance over time, rather than a quick-fix, one visit solution.”



‘I cannot thank you enough for giving my father such a transformation in his life.  None of us realised just how bad his hearing was and the new aids will improve his quality of life enormously. Thank you again.’

– David