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Today, noise-induced hearing loss is almost entirely preventable. But many people don’t realise that while enjoying their hobbies, for example riding a motorbike, playing in a band or listening to music, they are potentially damaging their hearing permanently.

At Kent Hearing, we offer expert hearing assessment and advice as well as bespoke plugs and personal protective equipment to enable you to continue enjoying your favourite activities while at the same time protecting your hearing.

We can provide custom swim plugs for both children and adults to keep ears dry and reduce the risk of painful and unpleasant ear infections while swimming or on holiday. Custom sleep plugs, which are comfortable to wear and especially designed for you to sleep with, can be provided to eliminate or reduce the sound of snoring.

We can also provide in ear tips for ear monitors, for example for sound engineers, recording artists and motorsport helmets. Please bring the monitors themselves when you come to your appointment so that they can be built into your custom plugs.

To book your appointment please call us on 01732 525912 

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About your appointment

Your appointment with us will start on the telephone when you call to book. We will ask you some initial questions to understand your reason for calling and the requirements that you may have.

On the day of your appointment, we will review your past medical and hearing history and undertake a clinical examination of your ears. If there is excess earwax this will need to be removed using microsuction before we take impressions of your ears. The impressions are then sent to the lab so your devices can be made. A second appointment for the fitting of your devices will then be arranged.

Your plugs or devices will usually be ready in about 10 days, although snoring plugs will take a little longer. Your initial appointment will take about 20 minutes and the second appointment for fitting will take approximately 10 minutes.

Did you know?

  • The average noise level of sound at a rock concert is 120 decibels.  Generally, sounds above 85 decibels are harmful and can cause permanent damage to your hearing
  • Custom plugs for swimming will prevent water from going into your ears and causing ear infections.  Custom swim plugs now come in many different designs and colours
  • Custom swim plugs float! So they are easy to find should they accidentally come out while you are in the water
  • If you play in either a band or an orchestra the noise levels are much higher than you think.  Specialised musician’s plugs help to maintain the quality of music while reducing the overall loudness

All hearing tests are undertaken in our relaxing and comfortable Kings Hill clinic, using the very latest technologies available.