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Hearing Aids at Kent Hearing, West Malling and Tunbridge Wells

For many patients with hearing loss, hearing aids are an important element of their future hearing plan. But at Kent Hearing, hearing aids are often only part of the solution to better hearing health. Our experience and expertise enable us to recommend the most suitable technologies, accessories, counselling and other aural rehabilitation methods for each patient’s individual condition, ensuring that every patient gets maximum benefit from their recommended hearing solution.

When hearing aids are needed, we can expertly fit a wide range of the latest hearing aids available internationally. However we are not aligned to any one hearing aid manufacturer. This allows us the freedom to make sure that we only recommend and fit the product that is best suited to the individual needs, preferences and lifestyle of each patient.

A wide range of accessories are also available with many hearing aids, and we may also recommend these based on your detailed hearing assessment or during your on-going care with us.

To book a hearing consultation or hearing test appointment please call us on 01732 525912

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“Can I offer my sincere thanks and appreciation for the total service you provided in fitting my new hearing aids yesterday, from thinking I would never hear my beloved music properly again to enjoying playing my instrument in 24 hrs WOW!”


To book your hearing test, please call us on 01732 525912 or use the form below.

Hearing Aids

Which type of hearing aid is best for me?

This will depend on a variety of factors, including the size, shape and health of your ear canal, the type and severity of your hearing loss and your work, social and lifestyle needs. Dr Carling will discuss these and other influencing factors with you following your hearing test. Where necessary, we are also able to offer specialised adapted earpieces for patients with unusual ear shapes or who have skin or dermatological considerations that need to be considered.

Today, most hearing aids are available in a wide range of colours and finishes and these willbe discussed with you and/or shown to you prior to your hearing aid fitting, so that you can choose according to your own taste and preferences. We will only recommend and fit the brand and model of hearing aid that best meets your personal needs. Oticon, Phonak, Starkey and Widex are some of the leading hearing aids that we often find best suit patients.

The cost of your hearing aids also includes appointments for your hearing aid fitting (see below) and unlimited follow up appointments for two years following your fitting.  This is to ensure that should you have any issues with your hearing aids they can be resolved quickly and without additional expense and inconvenience to you.  We believe that this is essential for hearing aid success and to optimise the benefits form your devices.

Frequently asked questions

What happens at my hearing aid fitting?

Dr Carling will take time to show you precisely how your new hearing aids work and will set up your hearing aids specifically for your hearing loss, optimising the sound your hearing aids deliver using special procedures, in-situ measurements and real-ear measures.

She will ensure that your hearing aids sit in the position that best delivers optimal sound quality for your individual hearing condition, according to the size and shape of each of your ears, and make sure that there is no discomfort from your hearing aids once fitted. You will be able to practise inserting, removing and using your new hearing aids while you are with Dr Carling.

How long will my hearing aid fitting last?

We will usually allow one hour for a hearing aid fitting. We want you to be confident and comfortable with your new hearing aids and this will usually give us enough time to both fit you hearing aids and fully explain how they work. Should for any reason you feel that you need additional time to understand how your hearing aids work or how you should operate or charge them, a second appointment will be booked with Dr Carling, again at no additional cost.

At the end of your fitting we will book a follow up appointment for you, to make sure that you are happy with your hearing aids and check that they are working as they should do. We may also use this appointment to connect your hearing devices to your smartphone, tablet or computer, as needed.

What happens if I lose or damage my hearing aids?

We recommend that you contact your home insurance provider before your hearing aid fitting to make sure that your hearing aids are covered under your house and contents insurance policy.

While all our hearing aids come with a manufacturer’s warranty, hearing aids are small and delicate pieces of equipment and do sometimes get lost or can get damaged relatively easily. Loss or accidental damage will not usually be covered by a warranty. In some cases, damaged hearing aids may be able to be repaired by the manufacturer, but there may be a cost associated with this, so adding them to your home insurance is highly recommended.

Hearing aid accessories

A wide variety of accessories are available for many of today’s hearing aids. While these are not all suitable for everyone, we may discuss and recommend some of these to you based on your hearing loss and lifestyle.  Examples of these are:

  • Hearing aid TV adaptor. This automatically enables your hearing aids to pick up sound from your television so that the TV volume in your home doesn’t disturb others.
  • Remote control. A hearing aid remote control which also serves as a remote microphone to help you hear better in challenging environments, for example where there is lots of background noise. We will set this up for each patient, demonstrate who it can be used and give you the opportunity to practice during your hearing aid fitting.

For patients who are not technologically minded, we are happy to arrange additional appointments to show you how to use your hearing aid accessories in your own time and at your own pace.

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Did you know?

  • We offer unlimited hearing aid follow up appointments during the first 2 years after your fitting, to help fine tune your aids and make adjustments, maintenance checks and re-evaluations
  • Today’s hearing aids have come a long way!  They are smartphone compatible and you can control them from your mobile phone! You can also stream music and phone calls to most hearing aids
  • Hearing aids now come in a wide variety of different colours and sizes, with something suitable for everyone
  • Hearing aids are a precious commodity and need to be looked after carefully so please take care of them.  Dogs in particular love to chew them!
  • We always recommend that patients insure their hearing aids due to potential loss or damage

About Kent Hearing

In 2017 Dr Priya Carling AuD, RHAD established Kent Hearing with the aim of offering the best in hearing health and rehabilitation for both adults and children across Kent and the surrounding area. The practice provides a patient-centred approach to all aspects of hearing care. This includes earwax removal using microsuctiondetailed hearing tests and diagnosticstinnitus management hearing aids and a wide range of custom devices, including custom swim plugs, musicians plug and sleep plugs.   Kent Hearing is also one of the very few audiology practices in Kent to offer comprehensive children’s hearing services.

Kent Hearing is located in Churchill Square, Kings Hill, near West Malling and patients come from as far away as Sussex and London to see Dr Carling AuD, DHAD, who personally treats or oversees all Kent Hearing patients.    All patients are seen in our comfortable, relaxing treatment rooms.  Free parking, including several disabled bays, is available immediately outside our building.

We also run a weekly clinic at the Pantiles Eye Centre, Tunbridge Wells, offering earwax removal by microsuction, hearing checks and tests and hearing aids appointments and fittings.

To book your appointment with us, please call us on 01732 525912