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Free Hearing Checks

We offer a limited number of free hearing checks to both new and existing patients. This is a hearing screening check that will help determine whether you have a hearing loss and therefore require a full and detailed hearing assessment.

A free hearing check at Kent Hearing will take 10 – 15 minutes to complete. We will look in your ears to check their overall state of health, examining the ear canal and ear drum and making sure that your ears are not blocked with wax. We will also check for any signs of an ear infection or other condition that could affect the quality of your hearing. Then we will do the screening hearing check. You will be asked to put on headphones to listen to a series of sounds at different frequencies and respond to these by pressing a button when you hear them.

At the end of your hearing check we will discuss the results with you and inform you if a hearing loss has been identified. We can then discuss what actions should be taken next, based on your test results.

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“Absolutely Amazing. My Partner was wrongly diagnosed by her GP. A visit to Kent hearing and a fantastic consultation got us to the correct treatment.!”


What happens if a hearing loss is identified?

If a hearing loss has been identified, we will discuss the appropriate next steps to investigate the cause, type and extent of the loss so that an effective treatment plan can be made to protect and look after your hearing in the future.

Usually a full diagnostic hearing assessment will be recommended, which can be booked with Dr Carling at Kent Hearing, if you wish. 

Full hearing assessments are not free, and last for about an hour.

We will provide a cost for this assessment based on the findings of your initial hearing check. 

Occasionally we may refer you to your GP or to a specialist if we feel this is the best course of action for your individual hearing condition.

To book your free hearing check, please call us on 01732 525912 or use the form below.

Free Hearing Checks

What does a full hearing assessment involve and why is it important?

The purpose of a full hearing assessment is to diagnose the exact type and extent of hearing loss that a patient is suffering from and if possible, identify its cause. Hearing loss can vary dramatically in its type and severity from person to person and may be caused by genetics, lifestyle choices (e.g. exposure to loud noise) or by a medical condition (see FAQ’s below).

Once a full and detailed diagnosis has been made, Dr Carling can then recommend a personalised treatment plan to help manage your hearing loss and, wherever possible, improve your hearing.

Because every person’s hearing loss is different, their hearing assessment will be different too. Dr Carling will undertake a series of tests using comprehensive audiometric testing techniques to establish your ability to hear sounds at different levels and frequencies and in different situations, for example when background noise is present.

You will be asked to wear headphones for these tests. She will also conduct middle ear function tests to identify any problems with sounds moving through the eardrum and middle ear. Other personalised tests may also be used to build a detailed and thorough picture of your hearing loss, from which a full diagnosis and treatment can then be made.




Frequently asked questions

How long will a free hearing check take?

A free hearing check at Kent Hearing will take about 15 minutes to complete. This will give Dr Carling the time required to check the health of your ears and to undertake a hearing screening to establish whether you have any signs of hearing loss.

What are the most common causes of hearing loss?

There are many different causes of hearing loss. Very often, hearing loss is age-related and happens gradually. It may also be caused by exposure to loud noises, by a blockage of the ear due to a build-up of earwax or dried skin, or by an ear infection or a perforation of the eardrum. Some medical conditions e.g. Meniere’s disease and diabetes and some medications, e.g. certain chemotherapy drugs, may also cause hearing loss, as can growths or tumours in the ear and head injuries.

Why should I book a hearing check or hearing test?

If voices sound muffled, if you are finding it difficult to hear when there is background noise, or if you have noticed any deterioration at all in your hearing, then it’s important to get your hearing checked or tested as soon as possible. An early sign could also be the presence of tinnitus, a ringing or buzzing in the ears or head. If hearing loss is left untreated it can become progressively worse and may become permanent. The sooner a hearing loss is identified and treated, the greater the chance of halting the loss early before it starts to affect everyday life on a permanent basis.

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Did you know?

  • Exposure to loud noise is the most common cause of preventable hearing loss. Wearing hearing protection (earplugs, headphones etc.) can reduce the risk of hearing loss if you are in work or social situations where loud noise may be present. Reducing the volume on the radio, TV or video games will also help protect your hearing.
  • The inner ear is composed of two parts: the Cochlea for hearing and the vestibular system for balance. Problems with balance, vertigo and dizziness are often related to conditions or infections of the inner ear.
  • The 3 smallest bones in the human body are in the middle ear. These are the stapes, the incus, and the malleus. The stapes is the smallest of these. It measures less than 3 mm and is also the lightest bone in the human body!

About Kent Hearing

Kent Hearing is a highly respected audiology practice based in Kings Hill, Kent, offering daily clinics at Churchill Square, Kings Hill, weekly clinics at The Pantiles Eye Centre and Hearing Care, Tunbridge Wells, and monthly clinics at Sheppey Eye Care on the Isle of Sheppey. The practice was set up by Dr Priya Carling AuD, RHAD in 2017 to provide the highest quality hearing care and rehabilitation to our patients, who come from across Kent, Sussex and Surrey to access our services. 

We offer a highly personalised approach to hearing care to ensure the best possible long-term hearing health and well-being for all our patients.  In addition to offering comprehensive hearing tests and assessments, tinnitus management, earwax removal using micro suction and custom devices, we also offer comprehensive paediatric hearing services for children of all ages.

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