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The theme for this year’s World Hearing Day is ‘Ear and Hearing care for all – let’s make it a reality’.

We know from experience at Kent Hearing that many people often wait to have their hearing checked when they think that they might have a hearing problem. This may be because they don’t think it’s important, because they think that the problem may resolve itself (which it may), or for fear – usually an irrational fear – of what a hearing test might find.

We also know from experience that, in the case of almost every patient we see, once they have had a hearing test and diagnosis, they are much happier understanding the state of their hearing and knowing that any condition they have is being treated and managed. For most patients with even a mild hearing loss, this very often also means an improvement in their quality of life.

Hearing loss can affect anyone at any stage of life. We see and treat babies and children, teenagers, young people in their 20’s and 30’s and those in middle and older age. Whatever life stage you are at, hearing loss can have a huge impact on both your quality of life and your day-to-day relationships and activities. It can hinder learning, cause social isolation, lead to loneliness and depression, and has been linked in many studies to a wide range of medical conditions including dementia and diabetes. In most cases, early diagnosis can make a huge difference to patient outcomes and quality of life.

So on World Hearing Day, we encourage everyone, young and old, to think about their hearing and to see their GP or local audiologist if they think they may have a hearing problem. Good ear and hearing care is generally widely available in the UK, so please make the most of it and help make ear and hearing care a reality for all!