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To hear for life, listen with care.

Thursday 3rd March marks this years’ World Hearing Day. Organised by The World Health Organisation (WHO) to raise global awareness of the importance of good hearing, this year’s theme ‘To hear for life, listen with care’ focuses on preventing hearing loss through safe listening. The key messages of the 2022 campaign are that many common causes of hearing loss can be prevented through safe listening, and that it is possible to have good hearing throughout life with safe hearing practices and listening care, in particular, by reducing exposure to loud sounds.

To help spread these messages within the local community, Dr Priya Carling will be visiting Trottiscliffe Primary School, Kent on 3rd March to give a talk to school children on how our ears work, explain the importance of looking after our ears and answer questions from the schoolchildren about hearing and audiology more generally. The village of Trottiscliffe is close to both Kent Hearing’s practice in Kings Hill and to Borough Green Medical practice where Dr Carling is part of the West Kent ENT Community Service team. Additionally, Kent Hearing will be offering free hearing screening for all pupils at the school over the coming months.