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Kent Hearing’s Dr Priya Carling, AuD, RHAD, is one of several doctor’s, audiologists and hearing care specialists from around the world to have contributed to this important document, published this month by the World Health Organisation (WHO)

Developed over the last several years, the manual is a practical guide for health workers and doctors working at primary care level and is designed to help them provide hearing care to communities and at local health facilities in different countries across the globe.

“It’s a pleasure to be involved with this important project, which I hope will really help other doctors and hearing care professionals and have an impact on local communities, in particular in poorer countries where there is often a shortage of similar resources”, commented Dr Carling.

In addition to the manual, a Trainer’s Handbook is also available from the World Health Organisation to aid those involved in training health workers and/or in coordinating programmes for delivering ear and hearing care.

More details can be found here