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Taking good care of your new hearing aids is essential if you are to get maximum benefit from them. A the following simple steps can minimise potential damage to them, reduce possible future problems and ensure that they work to best effect throughout the day, both now and for years to come:

Keep them clean

Daily cleaning of your hearing aids will both prolong their life and maximise their effectiveness. It’s usually best to clean them when you take them out, just before you go to bed. Use the cloth and tools you have been provided with.   Don’t forget to open the battery compartment door to turn off your hearing aid before cleaning. Do not use any chemicals or cleaning products on your hearing aids, as moisture can damage them badly.

Check the filter

Do this every 3 months to make sure it is not blocked and check that the dome doesn’t need replacing.

Keep them in their case

Hearing aids are small, delicate and can get lost very easily. They are also the type of accessory that inquisitive small children or pets love to play with and can unintentionally damage or destroy! Always keep them in their case when they are not being used so they don’t get lost or mislaid.

Keep them away from moisture

The smallest amount of moisture can damage the microphones on your hearing aid, so keep them away from the bathroom and all other sources of water or moisture. Always remember to take them out at the hairdresser or barber.

Watch out for wax!

If you suffer from earwax, check your hearing aids more regularly. The smallest amount of wax can block your hearing aid and stop it from working. You can visit your GP or contact us at Kent Hearing (07950 816321 / 07973 187744) for earwax removal by microsuction.

Avoid contact with hairspray and makeup

Always remove your hearing aids before using body or hair care products, for example makeup or hairspray. Contact with fine particles of hairspray or powder can clog up the microphone input and volume control switch.

Change the batteries

As soon as you hear the warning jingle, change the batteries on your hearing aid, and carry spare batteries with you to ensure that your hearing aid is always working.

Have your hearing aids serviced regularly

Look out for wear and tear on your hearing aids and remember to get them serviced once a year at the least. This is included in your warranty. Please call Kent Hearing to make appointment for this on 07973 187744.

If you are struggling with your hearing aids in any way, including putting them into and taking them out of your ears, please contact us immediately on 07950 816321 / 07973 187744