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At Kent Hearing we use the very latest microsuction technology for earwax removal.  Using a microscope or endoscope Dr Carling is able to see the ear canal in detail while preforming this procedure and can remove troublesome earwax with no discomfort to the patient. The small suction device inserted into the ear works in a similar way to a vacuum cleaner, sucking up the unwanted or excess wax.

The microsuction procedure is quick, highly effective and extremely safe, with the procedure itself usually lasting about 10-15 minutes per ear, though this will vary according to each patient’s condition.

Microsuction offers several major benefits over earwax removal by syringing or ear irrigation:

  • It enables the doctor to see and understand the precise state of the eardrum and ear canal at all times during your procedure.
  • This visibility allows Dr Carling to identify any potential underlying problems or conditions prior to treatment and to control the removal of wax based on each patient’s feedback during the procedure.
  • Microsuction is a ‘dry’ procedure and therefore carries less risk of post-treatment infection than water-based treatment options such as syringing or irrigation.  It also means there is no mess or water leakage sometimes associated with water-based treatment options.
  • Syringing or irrigation also offers no visual control for the doctor, increasing the risk of damage or infection to the ear.
  • Microsuction usually causes no pain and is safe for patients with an existing perforation or who have had previous infections.


What is earwax and why should I have it removed?      

Earwax occurs naturally and is in fact waxy oil called cerumen, which our bodies make in the outer ear canal.  It is important because it helps protects our ears from dust, dirt and other foreign particles which could cause infection, whilst also moisturising the ears and protecting against dryness and irritation. 

Symptoms of impacted earwax include hearing loss infections, pain or discomfort, ringing in the ear (tinnitus), itching and odour coming from the ear.

Removing earwax by microsuction can alleviate these symptoms and ensure that they do not get worse and risk causing long-term hearing loss or other serious hearing related conditions.

Dr Priya Carling is both fully qualified and highly experienced in earwax removal using microsuction and offers a appointments times both during the day and at regular evening and weekend clinics from her Kings Hill practice.

For more details or to book your appointment with her please call us on 07950 816321 / 07973 187744