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Using hearing aids for the first time can often seem a little daunting and you may struggle with communication while you are get used to them.   If you have recently started to use hearing aids or have a new pair from Kent Hearing, here are some useful tips to help you communicate better with friends, family and loved ones:

  1. Always try and find a quiet, calm space or area in which to talk so there is minimal disturbance while you listen and talk.
  2. Ask people to get your attention before they start talking to you.
  3. Don’t stand too far away from the person that you are communicating with.   Being able to see their gestures and facial expressions will help you understand what they’re saying.
  4. Avoid everyday background noises wherever possible. Turn the radio or television of or down and turn off running water or any household appliances that may make it more difficult for you to hear.
  5. Tell the person you are speaking to that you lip-read before you start a conversation. There is no reason to be embarrassed about having a hearing loss or wearing hearing aids.
  6. If your hearing isn’t the same in both ears, make sure you are in the best position to maximise your ‘good side’ and don’t be shy about asking people to change places with you.
  7. Stay calm. If you become anxious or flustered, it will be harder for you to follow what is being said.
  8. If you don’t catch what someone says the first time, don’t be afraid to ask them to repeat it or say it in a different way. If you are unsure about what someone has said, summarise what you think you heard and ask him or her to confirm whether this is correct or explain again.
  9. If necessary, ask people to slow down and speak more clearly.
  10. Finally, don’t be too hard on yourself. No one, with or without hearing
    loss, hears correctly all the time!

We hope you find these tips and suggestion useful. If you require further advice please email or call us on 07950 816321 / 07973 187744