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If you are seeking expert advice on ear wax removal in Kent then talk to us about ear wax removal by microsuction at our Kings Hill clinic.

Ear wax is a common condition with symptoms that include earache, dizziness, itchiness and general difficulty with hearing. It can also lead to ear infections, tinnitus (high pitched noise inside the ear) and often causes severe pain.

Sometimes earwax may fall out of its own accord and there are one or two things your can do at home to try and help soften and remove earwax. Putting a drop or two of olive oil in the ear can help to soften it to the point where it falls out. Eardrops that are available from chemists may also dissolve your ear wax, however these can also be very harsh on the ear canal. Please do not try and remove ear wax using a cotton bud, fingers or any other object, as this will usually push the ear wax further inside the ear and make your symptoms worse, as well as making it more difficult to remove. It can also cause further damage to the ear.

Often professional help is needed. Kent Hearing offers expert earwax removal by microsuction. All microsuction treatment is undertaken by Dr Priya Carling who is highly experienced in this technique, which involves the wax being removed using a low pressure suction device in conjunction with a microscope or endoscope. The microscope or endoscope allows Dr Carling to see the inside of the ear in detail throughout the treatment process and ensures that all ear wax can be removed. Dr Carling can show you the condition of your ear both before and after treatment.

Microsuction is the quickest and safest method of removing ear wax from the ear canal. Treatment usually takes a few minutes for each ear and in almost all cases causes no discomfort or pain. Unlike ear syringing and other more traditional treatment techniques, the doctor can see inside the ear at all times making your microsuction treatment as safe and thorough as possible.

To make an appointment for earwax removal at Kent Hearing please call us on 079731 87744.